Welcome one and all to the Kana Insurance Blog, my co-blogger, and I are excited to be launching this blog. We are working for you to become familiar with insurance and everyday life topics we  will discuss.

What we hope to accomplish with our new blog is to take the best aspects of the Insurance industry (which, of course, is itself  very broad), and meld them together with every day life topics to understand and learn the important and interesting insurance/life connection.

Posts will be authored by members of our growing insurance practice. We may have guest bloggers periodically and additional authors from across our expanding insurance industry. We hope to use this as a forum to inform you about insurance industry developments and  help you to make decisions and to create a dialogue on important insurance / life issues. Our goal is to engage you with interesting and readable posts about various insurance topics.

We welcome your feedback, comments and your ideas.  Please enjoy reading the blog as much as we will enjoy posting to the blog.